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IMPAXSOFT is dedicated to adding value to our clients' businesses through the use of technology. We achieve this through our unique combination of skills, and our focus on exceptional client service.
IMPAXSOFT provides cost-effective consultancy to allow you to increase your efficiency through the most effective deployment of IT within your organization. We provide professional, independent and understandable advice that is focused on your business needs. A range of services are available.
Range of services     
A range of services are available.     

Web Page Development     
IMPAXSOFT’s professionals know the art of designing and development of web page most suitable for the promotion of its client’s business.    
Software Development     
IMPAXSOFT can help you to computerize your entire business for effective analysis, complete control and profitable marketing. We also provide all related technical assistance and training.    
CD Profiles
We can help you to store all information regarding your business, product or service on CD. This auto run multi media profile will help you to introduce yourself to others comprehensively and in a IMPAXSOFT active manner.    
Your benefits     
We aim to add value to your business through the innovative use of technology. That means reducing your costs, minimizing your risk, and saving you time.
Reduced costs     
A reduction in your costs is a natural consequence of the way IMPAXSOFT approaches client relationships. Many factors contribute to our ability to maintain low costs for you, and we have listed some of the major ones here.    
Minimized risk     
Choosing an IT supplier can be a daunting task. At IMPAXSOFT, we can make the decision easier for you by combining a unique set of skills. we can reduce the risk in your decision process, and in the long-term operation of your systems.    
Saved time     
Deciding on an IT strategy, or implementing a new IT system can be a drain on the time of your key staff - who are likely to be busy people already. At IMPAXSOFT, we always seek to minimize the impact on your resources.